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Fruity Pebbles exotic vape cartridge

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This Fruity Pebbles exotic cartridge After reviewing Dank Vapes cartridge, we couldn’t get enough of them.

They may have failed a couple of times, coming positive in pesticide twice and a lower THC percent that expected, unfortunately.

Dank Vapes claim to be made from the creators of DankWoods. Unfortunately, the pesticides tests are currently uncertain and there have been many fakes out there. Doing this review revealed a quality Pebble exotic vape cartridges hardware system with strong, tasty oil.


  • Strong oil quality
  • Great built to it
  • Amazing, sweet taste to it
  • Fruity Pebbles exotic cartridge


  • Strong hits will guarantee you are coughing
  • There are vendors selling fakes

See our video review of Fruity Pebbles exotic cartridge below. Keep reading on to see our more in depth, written review.


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