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White Cheese


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White Cheese

The White Cheese cannabis strain always brings back memories from the last holiday break when we were comparing different strains at Get Kush and one of our buddies advocated for White Ch, selling it to us as a strain that literally smells like mozzarella.

And you know what? Not only does it smells like Italy’s hallmark cheese, but it also produces such mellow effects that we would go even further and name it “White Burrata” if we were the breeders.

White Cheese is a three-way cross between Afghani, Cheese, and Super Skunk, offering both brand new users. As well as weed old-timers, a mildly psychoactive experienced paired with a host of medical benefits.

The White Ch cannabis strain has an undeniable bag appeal, with nugs that are stunning to look at, lots of orange pistils, and a generous coating of resing. The smell it produces carries distinct notes of cheese accentuated by the berry-like hint.

White Cheese Effects

  • Effects: happy, euphoric, relaxed, uplifted, sleepy, hungry, creative, focused
  • May relieve: anxiety, depression, migraines, arthritis, pain, eye pressure, fatigue, stress, lack of appetite

Anyway, the aroma will take hold of your nose from the first time you put your nose in the jar filled with White Cheese. Upon exhale, this perfectly-balanced hybrid maintains the cheesiness. But this sensation gives a backseat to a skunky flavor that’s strong but not off-putting. As mentioned, the buzz from White Ch is mellow yet uplifting.

When the high kicks in, it starts to creep down from your head and neck. Which might put you in a state of delicate dizziness. However, as the high continues, users report they are still functional and even more creative and social on this strain. Being a potent stress reliever, White Cheese tastes best when smoked during the evening, especially if you’ve been put under too much pressure that day.


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